There were 4 openings on the Board this time. 3 incumbents were running, along with 3 new candidates, plus one was nominated from the floor during the meeting.

The official email from the WFPA:

Yesterday, May 28th, was the WFPA Annual Meeting. It was nice to see
several community members tossing their names in the running for the
election this year. The association runs because of the time and efforts of
the volunteers. The WFPA Board Meetings are always open to the community
and attendance is encouraged.

The Elections were held and below is a report of the outcome.

Clyde McKay – 119
Bill Loughrige – 100
Scott Phillips – 87
Jeff Anderson – 83
Dan Daugherty – 53
Paul Zampini – 23
Stacie Johnston – 11

The Board Member Positions are as follows:

Bill Loughrige – President
Johnny Ohanesian – Vice President
Clyde McKay – Secretary
Lance Gilbert – Treasurer
Jeff Anderson
Rudy Erdman
Scott Phillips

Thank you to all that attended the meeting today and voted. I’d like to
extend a warm welcome to our newest WFPA Board Members Scott Phillips and
Jeff Anderson.

Kind regards,

Clyde McKay
WFPA – Secretary