Welcome to Walker Community!

Located in the Bradshaw Mountains, south of Prescott, AZ, Walker Community is an old mining district, filled with history. It’s named after Joseph Walker, mountain man, explorer, and guide. He led a party to this valley to discover gold in the summer of 1863.

Today, the valley is filled with rustic cabins and elegant homes. There’s a vibrant community of people here, with an active social calendar. Some live here full-time, while others have second homes here.

Everyone loves it here. The community is great, with pancake breakfasts and things like that.

We’re all friends, (except for a few crazy ones.)

Internet is best by https://www.walkerwifi.com/. They are solid and dependable, with fast speeds and no data limits.

Cell phone is best through “Call by WiFi” on your phone, through your personal router connected to Walker WiFi.

Verizon does the best straight cell service, but it’s dicey. The higher you go, the better cell reception you get.

TV is by satellite or streaming Internet. We have DirectTV.

We are unincorporated, so the building department is through the county, not Prescott city.

Water is from wells or hauled water. Wells can be private or shared by multiple parcels.

There are a few companies that haul water, and a few more that drill and maintain wells.

The higher the parcel, the better the view, and the farther you have to drill for water, and the more you pay for the well.

Everything is on septic. Make sure you get a permit from the county, which will mandate set backs and other stuff.

Trash collection is dumpsters at the fire station. You pay a yearly fee for the combination to the locks to dump your trash.

Mail delivery is at group mailboxes around the area. FedEx and UPS deliver to your door in most places out here.

We personally have a PO Box in town for important stuff. That’s a personal preference.

Here’s a list of people that provide services in Walker: https://www.walkercommunity.com/walker-information/

Here’s a list of all of the property for sale in Walker, houses and land, although you can filter that.

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Walker Community News

Single Car Rollover Accident

Got this email from Roger.

The snow is melting, the sun is out, but there’s still ice on the roads.

It sneaks up on you, so yes, please do drive slowly out there.

It’s never more dangerous than when you think it’s safe.

There was a single car rollover accident at Sunday School and Walker Rd this morning (Friday, January 7th)

The driver was going TOO FAST presumably coming to work as a contractor of some sort here in Walker. This was on the pavement, that should be the safe part.

Please slow down and if anyone is coming to your […]

By |January 7th, 2022|Walker Community|

Happy New Year – A Week of Snow Behind Us

After a week of snow, we got a last few couple inches on New Year’s, Eve last night.

The forecast is for at least 10 days of sun, with no snow.

The roads are being plowed by the county.

It’s 21 degrees, so there will be ice out there.

It’s beautiful, but could be dangerous.

Please drive slowly, and carefully.

By |January 1st, 2022|Walker Community|

Pile Burning Planned in the Prescott Basin on the Bradshaw RD

We’ll have more smoke in our future.

Release Date: Dec 6, 2021

Contact(s): Debbie Maneely: 928-777-2212

PRESCOTT, AZ, December 6, 2021 – Fire Managers on the Bradshaw Ranger District plan to burn debris piles near the community of Walker, Ponderosa Park/White Spar and Copper Basin. Ignitions are planned to start on Tuesday, December 7 through Monday, December 13, 2021 as favorable weather conditions allow. Fire managers expect smoke impacts to be light in the surrounding areas. Pile burning helps to reduce hazardous fuels in the wildland urban interface and increases ecosystem and community resilience.

In the interest of safety, forest […]

By |December 7th, 2021|Walker Community|

Walker Road Blocked

Coming home from town this afternoon, we were stopped at the mailboxes by a sheriff.

He said that a cement truck had turned over and dumped it’s load going up the switchbacks at Frampton Hill.

We live closer than that, so he let us in, but we saw tractors being unloaded to go up and help clean things up.

Maybe that hill will get paved before they planned!

By |December 1st, 2021|Walker Community|

360 Movie – Prescribed Burn on Walker Road

There was a prescribed burn right next to Walker road on Oct. 28th, 2021.

It was pretty dramatic, so I stuck my 360 degree camera on top of my truck, and drove through the smoke.

Here is the 360 degree video. Yes, it’s a video, not just a still photo.

I showed a friend who expected flames leaping over the road, but it’s just smoke.

As you drive down the road, use your cursor or finger to rotate the video left and right, or up and down.

If you are playing it on phone, allow it to access the motion detection. That will allow you […]

By |October 30th, 2021|Walker Community|

Winter Is Coming – First Freeze Of The Season

It got cold last night, below freezing for the first time this season.

There was a thunder, lightening, rain, and hail storm through Walker last night.

It left hail on cars, decks, and places that don’t melt quickly.

It was all frozen this morning. The photo is of the hood of my truck this morning.

There are sunny days ahead, but be careful out there.

By |October 12th, 2021|Walker Community|

Pile Burning Planned in the Prescott Basin

Be prepared for smoke in the next few weeks.

PRESCOTT, AZ, October 12, 2021 – Fire Managers on the Bradshaw Ranger District plan to burn debris piles near the community of Groom Creek, in and around Iron Springs, Lynx Lake, Walker Road, Goldwater Lake and near White Spar Campground. Recent moisture and higher humidity provide desired conditions to burn piles created from previous fuels reduction projects.

Ignitions are planned to start as early as Wednesday, October 13, 2021 and will continue through the month of October as long as favorable weather conditions allow. Fire managers expect […]

By |October 12th, 2021|Walker Community|

Firefighter Appreciation Day – Sunday, September 5th from 4-6pm

Our Annual Firefighter Appreciation Day/Pig Roast is just around the corner! Next Sunday, September 5th from 4-6pm.

Here’s a great way to thank your hard working volunteer firefighters while packing in a year supply of cholesterol.

The WFPA will smoke the pig,simmer some beans, offer light refreshments and a few big cakes.

The rest is up to you…pot luck style.

Please bring one of grandma’s favorite recipes as a side dish.

We historically have run out of side dishes before the line runs through.

This year, PLEASE only bringing side dishes…NO DESSERTS PLEASE.

The WFPA can order a few large cakes […]

By |August 27th, 2021|Walker Community|
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