Welcome to Walker Community!

Located in the Bradshaw Mountains, south of Prescott, AZ, Walker Community is an old mining district, filled with history. It’s named after Joseph Walker, mountain man, explorer, and guide. He led a party to this valley to discover gold in the summer of 1863.

Today, the valley is filled with rustic cabins and elegant homes. There’s a vibrant community of people here, with an active social calendar. Some live here full-time, while others have second homes here.

Everyone loves it here. The community is great, with pancake breakfasts and things like that.

We’re all friends, (except for a few crazy ones.)

Internet is best by https://www.walkerwifi.com/. They are solid and dependable, with fast speeds and no data limits.

Cell phone is best through “Call by WiFi” on your phone, through your personal router connected to Walker WiFi.

Verizon does the best straight cell service, but it’s dicey. The higher you go, the better cell reception you get.

TV is by satellite or streaming Internet. We have DirectTV.

We are unincorporated, so the building department is through the county, not Prescott city.

Water is from wells or hauled water. Wells can be private or shared by multiple parcels.

There are a few companies that haul water, and a few more that drill and maintain wells.

The higher the parcel, the better the view, and the farther you have to drill for water, and the more you pay for the well.

Everything is on septic. Make sure you get a permit from the county, which will mandate set backs and other stuff.

Trash collection is dumpsters at the fire station. You pay a yearly fee for the combination to the locks to dump your trash.

Mail delivery is at group mailboxes around the area. FedEx and UPS deliver to your door in most places out here.

We personally have a PO Box in town for important stuff. That’s a personal preference.

Here’s a list of people that provide services in Walker: https://www.walkercommunity.com/walker-information/

Here’s a list of all of the property for sale in Walker, houses and land, although you can filter that.

Walker Webcams Provided by Walker Wifi Internet Service

Walker Community News

Crooks Fire Resources

Crooks Fire Resources

Click Here for Current Crooks Fire High Resolution Maps: https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/maps/8067/

Click Here for Active Fire Map: https://maps.nwcg.gov/sa/#/%3F/%3F/34.4135/-112.4086/14


Walker Fire

Prescott Nation Forest

Yavapai County Sheriff

Prescott Nation Forest YouTube Channel – NEW

If you know of other good resources, please leave a comment with a link.

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Annual Meeting Thoughts by Conrad Walton

Next Saturday is the Annual WFPA Meeting, where the Board of Directors are voted on.

This year, there are 4 openings, and only 3 of the current board members are running for re-election.

They do a great job, and work hard. I appreciate everything they do.

You don’t see me out there, working on the board, so I’m very grateful that someone else does the hard work.

Normally, it seems like the same dedicated people volunteer over and over, and no one new ever volunteers.

This year, per the newsletter, there are 3 NEW PEOPLE volunteering to work on the […]

By |May 21st, 2022|Walker Community|

WFPA Spring Newsletter

We get email.

On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of publishing the WFPA newsletter for the last 3 years.

It’s a lot of work, and frustration, to get all the moving pieces together and put on paper.

I’ve been getting busier with real estate this year. I decided let go of the task and let someone else do it.

Clyde McKay graciously volunteered to take on the task, and I owe him a huge debt of thanks for doing that.

It’s a lot of hard work, and it’s not easy, but I’m sure he’ll do a great job with […]

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Annual Meeting Thoughts by Bill Loughrige

We get mail.

Short version is that parking will be tough, and the newsletter won’t arrive to you in time.

Bring food.

The WFPA Annual Meeting is a week from tomorrow May 28th. Check in
starting at 8:15 a.m. to get your ballot. Meeting starts at 9:00 a.m.
Hopefully over at 10:00 a.m. except for counting the ballots.

There is going to be a terrific challenge this year. The Chip and Haul
material is still blocking our parking lot. That means finding a parking
space will be difficult.

We will be brainstorming parking possibilities and let you know suggested

The Newsletter will most likely not […]

By |May 20th, 2022|WFPA|

Agenda for the WFPA 2022 Annual Meeting

We get email.

Short version is the Annual WFPA Meeting is next Saturday and you should go vote for the Board of Directors.

Just a reminder the Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, May 28, 2022 from
9-11:00 a.m. at the Walker Fire House with credentialing starting at 8:30
a.m. Please plan to attend or provide your proxy to someone who is. We
need 75 Members present for a quorum.

Election of Board Members
Please check the name you would like to see elected to the Board of
Directors. You can vote for no more than four people including any
“Write-In’s” If left blank the Proxy […]

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WFPA New Targeted Fund Raising Drive

We get email.

The short version is that WFPA is raising money to buy a new fire truck.

Go to their web site and donate now. https://walkerfire.org/

The WFPA Board of Directors has authorized a targeted fund-raising drive to
buy a Type 3 fire apparatus. Type 3’s capabilities offer a great mix of a
structure truck and wildland truck which is a great match for a community
like ours that is in the wildland urban interface (WUI).

For the last few years, the WFPA Board of Directors has been developing a
plan to replace our older equipment. For instance, we have a […]

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Crooks Fire Update – May 8, 2022: Reduced Forest Closure Opens Upper Goldwater Lake and Portions of the Circle Trail

Location: 11 nautical miles south of Prescott-Bradshaw Ranger District (T12N, R2W, SEC 1), near Mt Union.

Start Date: April 18, 2022

Size: Approximately 9,402 acres

Percent Contained: 96%

Cause: Under Investigation.

Vegetation: Timber (Litter and Understory), Chaparral (6ft)

Number of Personnel Assigned: 276

The emergency closure area for the Crooks Fire has been reduced allowing for the opening of Upper Goldwater Lake and additional trails north of County Road 101, including portions of the Circle Trail and School House Gulch. Trails in Groom Creek and Spruce Mountain […]

By |May 8th, 2022|Walker Community|

Prescott NF Stage 1 Fire Restrictions Include Recreational Shooting Restrictions

No fires. No smoking. No shooting.

PRESCOTT, AZ – MAY 5, 2022 – Beginning at 8 a.m., today, Thursday, May 5, 2022 Stage 1 Fire and Smoking Restrictions will be in effect on the entire Prescott National Forest.

The City of Prescott and Yavapai County will enter State 1 fire restrictions at the same time. Please visit their websites at www.cazfire.org or http://www.prescott-az.gov/services/fire/ for further information.

Stage 1 fire restrictions prohibit the following:

Igniting, building, maintaining, or using a fire, including charcoal and briquettes outside a fire structure that is provided […]

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Email From Roger Nusbaum, Fire Chief

I received this email from Roger.

We wanted to put out what we hope is the last email on the Crooks Fire. We think it is very important make sure everyone realizes how lucky we were on at least two levels. First that this fire did not get away from fire managers and come ripping through Potato Patch and beyond. We are also very lucky that this didn’t start in June with longer, hotter days.

The Forest Service (FS) and Arizona Department of Fire and Forestry Management (DFFM) are both starting fire restrictions in their respective jurisdictions May 5th at 8am. […]

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Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office | Evacuations Lifted

The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office has announced that the people who live in the following areas that had been evacuated will be allowed to return to their homes today.
Residents in the area of Forest Service Roads 79 and 80 or Mount Tritle area may return now.
Breezy Pines residents are able to return home beginning today at noon.
Walker South, Potato Patch, Mountain Pine acres may return beginning at 3 pm.
All residents returning to the Walker area need to take Walker Rd., not Senator Hwy. Property owners will have to show proof of residency to pass through the […]

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