Here are the results of the WFPA Annual Meeting voting.

The four people who were running to fill the four open seats were all elected to those four seats.

Dear Community,

The WFPA Board would like to thank all of you who attended the 2024 Walker
Fire Annual Meeting. We thank the volunteers that helped with set up, clean
up and more. It was nice to see you there.

The Board members elected for the 2024-2026 term are:

Jeff Anderson
Bill Loughrige
Clyde McKay
Louie Reale

The WFPA Board met following the Annual Meeting to select the officers for
2024-2025. The WFPA Board officers are as follows:

Clyde McKay – President
Bill Loughrige – Vice President
Marti Mahoney – Secretary
Lance Gilbert – Treasurer

We are very pleased to have Rudy Erdman and newly elected member Louie
Reale as Board members.

Kind Regards,
Clyde McKay
WFPA President