We get email.

As promised I’m going to trying send reminders about the Annual Meeting
every couple of days.


Will be an issue, remember. The Walker Church (always a very supportive
group for the WFPA) has offered their property for people to park. It’s
up the Sunday School Road just south of the Fire Station across Lynx Creek.
It will be a little bit of a walk and it would be nice if we can get a few
volunteers with Side by Side ATV’s to help transport people back and
forth. Our Board members will be busy preparing for the meeting so
additional help will be needed. Contact me if you are willing to do this

Drop off your Pot Luck dishes first then find a parking spot (saves
carrying a hot dish). We’ll need a few volunteers to help with that
process too.

Be patient it’ll be crowded in front of the station. Please don’t
block access by leaving an unattended vehicle in the way even for a second.


There are plans to have a Type 3 Firetruck from the Forest Service at the
Fire Station early so you can see an example of what we are raising the
funds for. That, or course depends on it being available and will only be
there an hour or so.


Be prepared to buy Karen and crew out of EVERTHING. They’ll love it.


If you plan to send your Proxy instead of attending you should mail it
tomorrow (Monday) if you can so it will reach us in time.


Bill Loughrige