Next Saturday is the Annual WFPA Meeting, where the Board of Directors are voted on.

This year, there are 4 openings, and only 3 of the current board members are running for re-election.

They do a great job, and work hard. I appreciate everything they do.

You don’t see me out there, working on the board, so I’m very grateful that someone else does the hard work.

Normally, it seems like the same dedicated people volunteer over and over, and no one new ever volunteers.

This year, per the newsletter, there are 3 NEW PEOPLE volunteering to work on the board.

Click here: Spring_2022_Walker_Chronicle.pdf

I happen to be friends with one of them, but this is not an endorsement for that person.

As a general rule, I think that it’s always good to get new people into positions of power.

No matter if it’s the POTUS, a state governor, a local mayor, a local HOA board, or a quilting bee.

It’s always good to have new blood, and different ideas, to stir things up.

The WFPA news letter is usually out a month before the meeting so you can read about the new candidates.

This year, they say it probably won’t arrive before the meeting, because of the fire.

I urge you to download the PDF file and consider the new candidates. That’s all I’m asking.

Click here: Spring_2022_Walker_Chronicle.pdf

If you want to vote for the incumbents, the people you know, the dedicated ones who have worked hard for years already, go for it.

If you want to vote for something different, maybe change some things up, then consider the new candidates.

You can’t make a bad choice in this election, unless you choose to not vote.

Also, note that parking will be tough this year. The Chip and Haul is going to overlap with the meeting.

Be there anyway. There’s free food!