Abraham Lincoln was fighting the Civil War in 1863, when John Rutherford Walker discovered gold in Lynx Creek in Walker. A gold rush ensued, and Prescott was established in 1864 as a mining town. Abraham Lincoln was quoted later that year as saying “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

There’s been a lot of emotion about this mine project, most of it based on hearsay and wrong information. People tend to get wrapped up about things on the Internet and things get exaggerated.

If you want to get upset about something, at least get upset about the truth. Please be cynical about what you read until you confirm the sources yourself.

This article does a great job of researching and documenting sources for everything they say.

It’s 411.12 acres, not 800 or 8,000 acres. There’s nothing to suggest that “China” owns the land, but that a Chinese citizen does. They are not mining “rare earth minerals”, but gold.

The real concern is this specific owner, and his company, and what their track record has been in other places.

I wasn’t concerned based on what I’ve read on FaceBook, or the comments that I received on my article about the petition.

I AM concerned based on the information in this article.

This is a complicated story of high stakes real estate with mineral right investments, never-ending litigation, unresolved regulatory violations, and financial skullduggery. But singularly focusing on Gold Paradise Peak Inc.’s (GPPI) foreign ownership misses the bigger story of how this this CEO and his company operate, and how they have stymied current and past efforts by regulatory agencies and the courts to hold them accountable. Given this CEO’s litigation track record in seven states across 13 years, there is no doubt how this story ends in Yavapai County. Time is of the essence to stop what is likely another chapter in GPPI’s incessant financial shell games, along with almost certain environmental destruction of our beautiful Prescott National Forest and pollution of precious water resources.

Read the entire article at: https://prescottenews.com/