WFPA election results were written on the official yellow pad used at the meeting.

The final vote tally is:

Steve Kreis 174
Clyde Mckay 149
Bill Loughrige 137
Scott Plumer 113
Steve Nathenson 83
Chris Mesa 79


Here’s the official email from Johny O describing who will assigned which responsibility.

Thanks to all that attended today’s WFPA annual meeting. It ran a bit longer than usual due to the election process. Here’s what your 2018/19 Board looks like:

President   Bill Loughrige
V. President   John Ohanesian
Secretary   Clyde McKay
Treasurer   Dan Dougherty

along with:

Steve Kreis
Rudy Erdmann
Scott Plumer

See you all at Walker Day, June 16th.

Johnny O