I wanted to endorse Scott Plumer as a write-in candidate for the WFPA board.

I received this email from Mark Herrin, a huge supporter of our community.

Neighbors of Walker,

In about 8 days, we will be having the Walker Fire Departments annual meeting and the election of new officers for the Board of Directors. This year we will be filling four open positions on the Board.

For several years now, our Board of Directors have been operating our all volunteer department with incredible cohesion and positive forward growth. This has been possible due to the outstanding leadership on the Board of our Presdient, Bill Loughrige, and the day to day activities of the Fire Department itself by our Chief, Roger Nusbaum. Both of these people have worked tirelessly to ensure the continued strength of our ability to serve our properties and the stable growth required for our growing community.

At present we have the best equipment ever owned and operated by the department, the most qualified volunteers in both firefighting and medical services, and of course, our financial security as evidenced by zero debt and over $300K in reserves.. All of these have been achieved in recent years by great leadership and the community financial support from all of us. What a great testament to the outstanding accomplishments we all enjoy with the combined efforts of so many wonderful neighbors. The best part of it all is that we’ve done this as an all volunteer organization, while all of the governmental fire districts have struggled with staying solvent by adding higher taxes, bond issues, and loans just to stay afloat. We’ve been a beacon of strength for many other departments to admire!!

Of course, there will always be a few detractors around, so for these, we must continue to set our sites on positive futures, using past negative issues as our reflection for what works and what doesn’t. What we have going for us right now most definitely works!! We need to continue to elect people to the BOD who share our vision of the current all volunteer aspects of our department.

We have four positions to fill at this next election. Please consider voting for these individuals to help continue the positive momentum we have enjoyed in our current directions from the BOD and Fire Chiref.

(X) Bill Loughrige—by far the best President our BOD has had in many years
(X) Steve Kries—brings many years of previous fire department experience to the BOD
(X) Clyde McKay–currently very active in our community events
(X) Write-in candidate–Scott Plumer–recently retired from Palo Verde Nuclear plant and now a full time resident in Walker. He has stated how well he sees our volunteer department working and would like to further its abilities to do so in the future. He will be at the annual election to be nominated from the floor by others who see him as a great fit for the department.

Attached is a proxy for those who cannot attend. Please fill one out for each owner of a property. Two owners per parcel can send in the proxy. Please fill in your parcel number or address, and add my name as a designee for your vote. You can either fill in your choice for candidates or leave it for us to fill in. Either way, we want everybodys voice to be heard!! Please do it now so you don’t forget!! I need to have these back by Thursday, May 24th so I can get them to the election people.

Thanks to all who step up to help our all volunteer fire department!!

Your neighbor,
Mark Herrin
P.O. Box 25274
Prescott Valley, AZ 86312
Mail ballots monday to my address, or email them, or you can fax to 928-778-1732.