Looking at the Walker Community Calendar, I see that this Saturday, there will be two meetings at the Walker Fire Station.

Both involve food!

First, at 1:00pm, the WCAA is having a meeting where Ben DeBlois of the USDA, Prescott National Forest, will give a presentation on the Aumlet Stewardship Project.

That’s where they’ve been tearing out trees on the east side of Walker Road and making it look like an army marched through there.

I’m sure it’s all for the benefit and health of the forest, but I’m looking forward to hearing about exactly why that’s a good thing.

Second, at 4:00pm, Bingo is starting up again. It’s a fundraiser for the Walker Fire Department, so that’s a good thing.

Everyone throws money into the pot and the winners divide it up.

Bring finger food and food for a pot luck.

Hot Saturday night in Walker!