I got this email from both the WFPA and the WCAA.

This afternoon, I stopped by with my drone to take video of the guy grinding up the stuff.

That video will get edited and posted on this site in the next couple days.

We expect to end grinding Friday, May 19 sometime early in the morning.

We are down to a very small amount to grind. Once grinding is completed, it
will be parking area cleanup time and no additional slash will be accepted.

Remember, if you miss the Walker Chip & Haul, you still have the option of
taking your slash to Yavapai County transfer stations. Yavapai County will
accept slash at no charge until June 1, 2017.

If you consider Chip & Haul a valuable service to the Walker Community,
please consider making a donation to help offset the costs. This year’s
Chip & Haul is paid for with donations only; there are no grant funds
available. Donate here: http://www.walkercaa.org/Contributions_T.html

602-370-8020 cell
928-445-0590 fax