In the FaceBook group, this was posted last night:

Omgoodness!!! Bear was on our road this morning. Blue John lane!!!! Need to do something!!!!!

This evening, this security camera video of a bear at 3:00am was posted to the group.

Click to watch:

With all of the bear sightings in the area, this Daily Courier article is quite timely.

Black bear sightings in the Quad-Cities area are not frequent, but they do happen from time to time.

They are a natural occurrence, considering that we have, over the last few decades, moved into the bears’ territory.

When we encounter bears in the suburban environment, it can be unsettling.

But bears, while not quite lazy, are looking for the simplest way to get a meal, said Darren Tucker of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Here are some tips to avoid attracting roaming bruins, which are almost always looking for that easy meal:

Red the whole article at: Bear Necessities: When bears are in the neighborhood