Strawberries, Ice Cream, Whip Cream and Bears.

What do they all have in common?

They can be found at the Fire Station.

Someone using the weather Cameras on the fire station in the luckiest screen shot of the year captured the image of a Bear trotting down Walker Road.

In addition a bear (most likely this one) was seen on a cabin porch on Hummingbird Lane during the same time period.

Now we want you to enjoy the Strawberries, Ice Cream and Whip Cream, but to also remember were in the forest. Bears live here too. Some big guy just
ran it off the mountain and it’s looking for food.

Why do we have Strawberries, Ice Cream and Whip Cream for Breakfast, you ask. Because people eat it up and not only the kids.

As far as the Bear goes, he’ll be gone and unless people leave garbage on the ground at the dumpsters it won’t be back. But in case he has a sweet
tooth, please report these close in sightings to AZ Game and Fish. Use their Game Thief number 1 (800) 352-0700 or their dispatch (623) 236-7201.
You’ll get a live person with a minimum of electronic answering devices.

They do want these sightings reported.

Please plan to be at the Pancake Breakfast this Saturday if you can.

We’ll have a great time. We’re not scared of no Bear.

Bill Loughrige