Welcome to Walker Community!

Located in the Bradshaw Mountains, south of Prescott, AZ, Walker Community is an old mining district, filled with history. It’s named after Joseph Walker, mountain man, explorer, and guide. He led a party to this valley to discover gold in the summer of 1863.

Today, the valley is filled with rustic cabins and elegant homes. There’s a vibrant community of people here, with an active social calendar. Some live here full-time, while others have second homes here.

Everyone loves it here.

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Walker Community News

Walker Community Action Alliance Meeting

WHEN: SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2019 at 9:00 AM
(At the mall, across from Bed Bath & Beyond)
3106 Gateway Blvd. #400 Prescott, AZ 86303
Plan to come early and order from a large selection of coffees and breakfasts.
“Coffee With Character”


• Firewise Activities
o New Grants
• Upcoming Events
• New Yavapai County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
• Door Prize
• More

HINT: This is a good time to bring your “Yavapai Food Bank” (green bags)

www.Walkercaa.orgwalkercaa@gmail.com walkerfirewise@gmail.com

By |March 11th, 2019|WCAA|

2019 Spring Chip & Haul

This year’s Chip & Haul is scheduled to begin March 15, 2019 and will end on May 17, 2019.

As usual, we ask participants to follow some simple rules.
1. Do not bring stumps or root balls! They often contain rocks and/or dirt and most often are too large to process.
2. Bring only natural forest vegetation – no lumber or other construction materials such as: wire, metal, posts, etc. (No trash, garbage, refrigerators, TV’s or sofas!) Unauthorized materials add to the cost of disposal.
3. Empty all bags of leaf […]

By |March 8th, 2019|WCAA|

Snowmageddon 2019 – Day Three

The sun was shining on Saturday. There were piles of snow everywhere, but with the sun out, the world seemed to have hope again.

I took my first drive into Walker.

The asphalt was pretty cleaned up, but the dirt roads were an adventure.

I made it to my own plow truck, pictured below, and spent a couple hours plowing the road from where the county plows left off, down to our house.

Below are photos from the drive.

I have a sign at the corner of Big Big and Walker Road. You can almost see it in the photo below. […]

By |February 23rd, 2019|Walker Community|

Snowmageddon 2019 – Day Two

The snow continues on Friday. It looks like another foot fell after two feet yesterday, but your mileage may vary.

The snow stopped for a bit in the afternoon, then started again.

It finally stopped about 5:00 pm and the sun even came out for a few moments.

A friend sent the main photo to us while on her hike on Friday morning. Our cabin in in the photo.

The photo of the large lump of snow is their car. You can see the rear view mirror sticking out of the side.

The other photos are more of the Hassayampa Inn and […]

By |February 22nd, 2019|Walker Community|

Snowmageddon 2019 – Day One

The snow started about 8pm last night, on Weds. Feb 20 and continued through the entire day.

The whole state of Arizona was affected by the storm. There was rain in Phoenix and snow everywhere else.

My wife and I bailed out and checked into a hotel in downtown Prescott, the Hassayampa Inn.

I don’t have any photos of what happened in Walker, but I saw some on Instagram.

I did drive around downtown Prescott on Thursday, during the storm, so here are some photos of that adventure.

This is the courthouse square and the Fry’s on Miller Valley Road. […]

By |February 21st, 2019|Walker Community|

Get Ready – There’s A Snow Storm Coming

There’s a huge snow storm coming to Walker.

It looks like it will be between a foot and a half and two feet of snow.

I’ve been watching the forecasts and the amounts have been changing a bit, but it’s still going to be a lot of snow.

Get your supplies ready and hunker down, because it’s coming and you will be snowed in.

By |February 20th, 2019|Walker Community|

Road Work After The Rain

After the roads washed away from the rain, the county was on top of repairing everything that was damaged.

The were dumping truck loads of fresh dirt on the dirt part of Walker road and repairing the asphalt parts also.

I really appreciate how fast they were out here and how many trucks and equipment they used to get us back up and running.

By |February 16th, 2019|Walker Community|

Making It Rain On Valentines Day

Walker received just over an inch of rain on Valentines Day. It rained all day long, from the middle of the night before, through to the evening.

Lynx Creek was running strong, filled with all of the rain water run off, as well as the snow melt from the previous days.

There was a lot of water across Walker Road, enough to wash under the edge of it in one place, and push debris across the road in lots of other places.

Here are some photos from the next morning.

By |February 15th, 2019|Walker Community|

WFPA Board Vacancy Announcement

Do you want to get involved in our community?

The WFPA’s annual meeting this year is on Saturday, May 25th. The Board needs to fill 5 Board of Directors positions.

This is a great way to meet new people and help serve your community.

The Ideal candidate will be able to attend most of the second Saturday, 8:45-10:? BOD meetings held at the fire station. This will be a 1-2 year commitment. Please consider stepping up to help. No matter what your background is, everyone brings something to the table.

Please feel free to contact our election committee chairman Terry […]

By |February 13th, 2019|WFPA|
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