Walker Fire Dept. Gets New Command Vehicle

Walker Fire recently acquired a new command vehicle.

It was on display at the WFPA Annual Meeting on May 29th, 2021.

From Roger Nusbaum, Fire Chief:

Walker Fire recently added a 2012 Chevy Suburban to its fleet that is being called Squad 81. Squad 81 will be a multifunction vehicle. It will carry extra hose, fire tools and […]

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Burn Restrictions Starting Early

We wanted to set the expectation that burn restrictions will be starting relatively early this year, possibly this month. We will advise when restrictions are actually implemented and we request that residents and guests take them more seriously than last year.

Roger Nusbaum
Fire Chief
Walker Fire

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Coronavirus Update from Walker Fire

Official word from Walker Fire:

We are now several weeks into this event but we want the community to know that Walker Fire is still open for business to respond to emergencies. If you need the fire department, it is crucial that you inform the 911 operator if you have any flu like symptoms. We will […]

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Fire Station Parking

We got an email from the WFPA:

Residents of the Community,

We are experiencing an increase in vehicles being parked at the Fire Station without prior approval. The space there is for WFPA use only. In the event emergencies these vehicles hinder operations.

Our Fire Station is an extremely important asset to the community. […]

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Bluff Fire Statement From Walker Fire Dept.

Email from Walker Fire:

Today Walker Fire was dispatched to what came to be called the Bluff Fire in the middle of Potato Patch. Walker Patrol 85 was first on scene and sized the fire up to be about an acre (turned out to be a little bigger) with one structure involved. Patrol 85 was able […]

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Fire and Power Outage – Power Line Broke at 4:05am

We lost power to our cabin at 4:05am this morning.

Our generator kicked on and we went back to bed, unaware that our Walker Fire Department was out in the cold and snow, at 4:00am, putting out this electrical fire.

APS restored power at about 9:30am.

Walker Fire posted these photos to their FaceBook page.

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Emil From Roger, Walker Fire Department Chief

As everyone probably knows we have had an usually warm and dry winter which
creates visibility for an early start to a very long fire season. There
have already been fires in the southern part of the state. Roughly 90% of
fires are human caused whether that is intentionally or unintentionally
which means that our safety relies extensively on […]

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The More You Put Into It, the More You Get Out – An Interview With Roger Nusbaum

Photo by Henry Gellerman

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Roger Nusbaum, the fire chief of the Walker Volunteer Fire Department, and ask the questions that I wanted the answers to.

We talked about how Walker Fire is organized, what it is, what it does, how the money works, and how the […]

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