Yavapai County Entering Stage 1 Fire Restrictions – June 6

It’s that time of year, folks. Be careful out there.

Update on seasonal burn restrictions. Yavapai County has announced that we will enter Stage 1 restrictions on Thursday June 6 at 8am. Per the press release;

Prohibited activities include:
• Sale or use of fireworks.
• Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire or campfire, except within a […]

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Do You Have A Steep Driveway? Is Your House On Fire?

A little advice if you have a steep driveway, (and who doesn’t in Walker?)

Walker Fire was called to a structure fire on Friday morning. The process of fighting a structure fire typically involves knocking down the flame with water then looking for hot spots/heat inside walls or the ceiling.

That second step is done by using […]

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Email From Roger Nusbaum, Fire Chief

I received this email from Roger.

We wanted to put out what we hope is the last email on the Crooks Fire. We think it is very important make sure everyone realizes how lucky we were on at least two levels. First that this fire did not get away from fire managers and come ripping […]

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Fire Lines Held! – Walker Fire

Things went very well today. Fire lines held! There was active flame interior to Division Alpha which is fine, the lines holding is what matters. Tonight, winds are forecast to diminish quickly and humidity will start going up closer to midnight, way up, close to 40%. This is all very positive.

From here, the expectation […]

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Walker Fire | Facebook

“Today is the test.” We probably heard that 6 or 7 times in this morning’s operational briefing. The windiest period today will be between noon and 4pm. It shouldn’t be that hot but will be dry. There is less heat in Division Alpha than yesterday but enough that spot fires could occur. Air operations are […]

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Walker Fire | Facebook

From today’s 6am briefing. Before we jump in, it is crucial to not jump to conclusions here. It was a very comforting report but it is not over. They talked about finding a few pockets of heat as opposed to active fire. There are not too many pockets of heat, just a few here and […]

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Walker Fire | Facebook

Today’s early morning briefing did not have a lot of information. What we know is that nothing bad happened overnight. There was modest growth and there is confidence that the various fire lines and contingency line that have been put in place to protect Potato Patch, Walker and Groom Creek can hold.

Read the entire article […]

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Walker Fire | Facebook

Fire manager are reporting 22% containment (black line). The fire is still pushing south. To the east there’s several burn scars if somehow the fire did something crazy in that direction.

To the west of the fire they are putting successive handline, dozer line and have dropped a line of retardant in case the fire […]

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