Goodwin Fire Update – Walker Fire Dept. July2, 7:30pm

The updates have slowed down because the fire has slowed down.

Having just heard from the Incident Management Team liaison, today went very well.

There was a lot of white smoke (that is usually the good kind) this afternoon visible from Walker today that dissipated some, but not completely, as the afternoon wore […]

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Walker Fire Dept – Goodwin Fire Update July 1, 11:30

Generally positive, but they will be more smoke today from the back burns, which is actually a good thing.

News from today’s briefing; expect smoke this afternoon from burning operations which hopefully helps fortify the fireline.

This not over but they believe we are winding down. Let’s hope that is correct.

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Walker Fire Update July 1, 9:00am

Walker Fire Updated their FB page this morning.

Generally positive news.

Yesterday was a crucial day with a positive outcome as weather conditions allowed for a line to be established over the trouble spot we mentioned yesterday.

We have another huge presence here for structure protection.

The expectation is that this is winding down. […]

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Walker Fire Dept Goodwin Fire Update – June 30, 7:30pm

“This appears to have been another good day. Our contact with the Incident Management Team confirms this.”

For those without FaceBook:

Thanks to the overwhelming turnout by our firefighters taking time from work we had the chance to attend today’s briefing.

The news from the briefing emphasized what they believed was a crucial day for […]

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Structure Protection Task Force in Walker – Day 2, June 30th

From Walker Fire, with photos.

Day 2 of the structure protection task force assigned to Walker and Potato Patch.

Most of the same crews with the Arroyo Grande Hotshots and the Navajo Hotshots added in.


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Walker Fire Report – June 29th 7:00pm

From Walker Fire FB page:

From one of several emails we receive about the fire: The north side of the fire continues to be the primary area of focus for fire fighters.

Crews will be working across the top and on the north side of Big Bug Mesa to determine the best strategy for locating […]

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Walker Fire FB Update – June 29, 4:00pm

Walker Fire FB post.

A structure protection task force was assigned to Walker today consisting of several Type 3 engines, a type 6, a type 1, a water tender and a hand crew.

While only so much can get done, it’s a positive nonetheless.

Walker Fire worked in tandem on structure protection as well. […]

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Goodwin Fire Update – 1:30pm Tuesday, June 27

From our deck:

From Walker Fire:

We attended the stakeholders briefing today (Tues 6/27).

There is no bad news for Walker or Potato Patch but the fire is very difficult.

The picture of the smoke looks awful but is clearly blowing away from Walker.

The picture […]

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Walker Fire Update – Monday, June 26 at 4:00pm

Walker Fire posted this update on their FaceBook page.

We attended the 11am stakeholder’s meeting at the Incident Command Post (ICP) and got some useful information.

Feel free to leave questions in the comments if we missed anything.

The expected flow of the fire is toward Mayer.

It is a long way from […]

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