I received this email from Roger.

We wanted to put out what we hope is the last email on the Crooks Fire. We think it is very important make sure everyone realizes how lucky we were on at least two levels. First that this fire did not get away from fire managers and come ripping through Potato Patch and beyond. We are also very lucky that this didn’t start in June with longer, hotter days.

The Forest Service (FS) and Arizona Department of Fire and Forestry Management (DFFM) are both starting fire restrictions in their respective jurisdictions May 5th at 8am. What matters to us on our property is whatever Yavapai County does. The FS and DFFM restrictions are only relevant on their land. We expect the county to go along with FS and DFFM but have not heard yet.

There is a confident forecast going around calling for the monsoon season to start a little early and to be very strong. Maybe that means just 7 or 8 more weeks until the rain, if we’re lucky and if it starts about when it usually does then that means a full two months before the monsoon.

Yes, this fire started well outside our service area but it is incumbent on of all us to be extra careful until the rain starts. If you have work to do that is allowed under restrictions that might cause sparks, please have a hose nearby as one example. If you are in the vacation rental business please post in multiple spots around your cabin that you don’t allow fires or smoking outside. We once had a very large fire smack in the middle of Walker caused by cigarettes. Those of you with propane pits, although these are permitted under restrictions, they still need to be paid close attention when in use.

The fire danger is very high and only going in one direction until the rain starts. We are very motivated to do all we can to make sure we don’t have another fire like the Crooks Fire anytime soon.

Finally, although it may not have received a lot of attention there were structures lost in this fire in a couple of areas out past Potato Patch in a couple of different directions. We have no details but those affected are in our thoughts.

Thank you,
Roger Nusbaum
Fire Chief