APS wants to put overhead power lines the entire length of Walker Road.

People are concerned for the potential of starting a fire, similar to what happened to California multiple times.

There’s a new web site to explain what the APS has proposed.


Overhead Power Lines on Walker Road

APS has proposed installing overhead power lines on giant, steel power poles down Walker Road. They will be next to the road from Costco to Hummingbird Hill Road.

These lines will replace the existing lines that come from Groom Creek, over the mountain and through the forest. The new lines will allow better access to them for maintenance.

Resident’s Concerns

A small group of Walker residents have come together to organize an effort to persuade APS to bury the line instead.

Our concerns include:

1. Forest fire danger from overhead power lines.

2. Evacuation danger if there were to be a fire along Walker Road.

3. The aesthetic damage to beautiful forest that we live in.

4. Property value drop caused by the less appealing environment.

5. Additional potential traffic obstacles in rain or snow.

Read the entire article at: https://www.nopowerpoles.com/