Sheriff David Rhodes’s office announced this evening that people evacuated from Walker Rd north of South Spruce Hollow and west of Big Bug Mesa will be allowed to return to their homes beginning tomorrow at 3pm. (Please see attached map).
Residents, and at this time only residents, can drive to the checkpoint on Walker Road at the south entrance to Lynx Lake to meet a Sheriff’s Deputy who will gladly facilitate your return home. You will still be on a SET status however so keep your 5Ps ready.

As we know, the fire is not completely contained so fire personnel and equipment will still be working in the area and need to be able to maneuver freely, so we ask that residents try to limit the traffic around the area to allow them to get this fire out!

Other areas that we evacuated will stay in that status until the fire is further under control, but know that everyone is doing everything they can to make that happen.

Also, here is a link to the Crooks Fire YouTube channel so you may watch videos that have been uploaded by the Fire Incident Management Team.

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