Of course, we forgot things in the rush to leave after the evacuation order came through, so we went back to our cabin this afternoon.

We stopped at the YCSO traffic stop on Walker Road. There were probably 6 sheriff cars and a pop up.

We asked the nice officer if we go go in, and after answering a few questions, and showing him my drivers license with my address on it, he asked another sheriff to escort us.

As we drove down Walker Road, twice we saw a huge DC-10 tanker fly over. I wanted to stop and get a photo, but my wife reminded me about the sheriff right behind us.

A long time ago, I worked for the company that made those planes. I have walked underneath them in final assembly in the factory, and they are huge.

Trust me that they are impressive to watch fly over. I was very thankful they were fighting to protect our community.

There were other planes flying around also. It sounded like we lived next to an airport. I was glad to see them all up there.

As we got into Walker, there were orange ribbons on every street post, and every driveway.

Orange ribbons were everywhere. (Our security camera had caught someone checking on our cabin to make sure we had left.)

There are a lot of people and equipment at the fire station. We saw some from Groom Creek, and Verde Valley. Check the cameras at the fire station to see what’s happening there.

We made it to the cabin and hurried to get everything we needed.

Sitting here, writing this in the hotel, there are still a couple things I forgot. I’ll live with out them.

I took a quick photo from our deck. There’s a lot of smoke, but the wind is down today.

We packed up and left. All of the houses around us, all of the cabins we saw, were just fine.

As we drove back to join Walker Road, we saw 2 large Walker Fire Trucks, plus Roger in the Command Vehicle, pass by.

Wanting to stay out of their way, we waited for them to pass, then followed them.

There was a Forest Service fire pick up truck coming the other way, so we all slowed to pass.

The Walker Fire vehicles pulled into the fire station. We continued out Walker Road.

Somewhere near Lynx Lake, we noticed a guy on a bike, riding the opposite way. He had the spandex suit and the ultra cool road bike.

Our sheriff escort passed him, then slowed, and turned around to go have a little chat, as we continued back the rest of the world.

My take away from our adventure is that “they” are on top of the situation.

“They” are everyone from Walker Fire keeping an eye on our community, to the sheriffs, keeping people out, to the pilots flying the planes to dump the goop.

There are guys on the ground, much younger, stronger, and braver, than me, digging, cutting, walking, and fighting the fire hand to hand. Those guys are being managed by a team of experts in fighting wildfires.

It all makes me feel a little helpless, but so incredibly grateful for the people who are taking care of us.

When our cabins are still standing when this is all over, it will be because of them. Be grateful and kind.