Today is the annual migration of the codes for the locks on the trash dumpsters at the fire station.

(Imagine herds of padlocks moving across the frozen tundra.)

Are you standing at the dumpsters, reading this on your phone right now? Here’s the link you are looking for:

The new code for the year is… available after you pay your subscription on the walker trash website.

They have improved the process a bit this year.

Instead of having to print out, sign, and mail back the physical paper form, you can scan it and email it to them.

They will let you pay for it using your credit card on PayPal.

You still have to wait for a real person to respond to your email.

I’m sure if you made a frantic call to the contact numbers on the trash web site, you’ll get an answer sooner, rather than later.

This means that Summer is a little bit closer.