Today’s cooperators meeting didn’t yield a lot of satisfying (as indefinitive answers) information. Despite what some of the clouds look like, no rain is expected down at the fire. The cloud cover today is a positive but today and tomorrow are expected to be dry. Moisture is expected to build up on Sunday (not necessarily rain, but higher humidity).

We tried to provide some context on the map as to what is going on, please note the map is best efforts and may not be precise. The head of the fire is one of two top priorities on the fire and the air attack at the IMT’s disposal is massive. The Cellar Fire remains the top priority in the region.

The part of Senator Highway that they are betting on as the ultimate stopgap has been widened by slightly more than 50 feet thanks to heavy equipment and saw work. The work done all around the head of the fire has been immense thus far and will be continuing along with the air drops.

We will plan on going up to lookout rock late this afternoon unless conditions warrant other action.