From Roger at Walker Fire

Walker Fire had a busy and productive morning attending a cooperators meeting (local departments are considered “cooperators”) in Prescott Valley and then out to the Incident Command Post (ICP) to meet with the Operations Section.

The bottom line from this morning is no bad news. “No bad news” is not the same as being out of danger. We said yesterday we would need several more good days and today appears to be off to a good start. Relative humidity and dew points are favorable for now and because of this there was no real growth overnight and there is now very little fire activity.

Although there is very little fire ACTIVITY there is still a lot of heat in there. The risk from this is if the sun hits it AND conditions dry back out the fire would then be expected to kick back up. This would be normal fire behavior places an emphasis on how important (and lucky) that the humidity and dew point are for now.

For those wondering about the Jeep Posse/YCSO personnel in the area. They have been prepositioned here in case things take a bad turn. We will see them patrolling and staged behind the station house until we realize an outcome (good or bad). We will be attending another cooperators meeting in the morning, we hope this will be the last update for today.

Roger Nusbaum
Fire Chief