Contact(s): Debbie Maneely, (928) 925-1111

The 16 acre Lynx Fire is now 100%. Today firefighters will continue to extinguish interior burning fuels and mop-up. The human caused Lynx Fire which was reported on April 19, east of the south shore boat ramp is still under investigation.

Recreation Site Information:
Lynx Lake and Hilltop Overnight Campgrounds are open to the public.
Lynx Lake North Shore Day-Use area is open the public.
Lynx Lake South Shore Day-Use area will remain closed through tomorrow morning, at which time a decision will be made to re-open.
The east side of Lynx Lake, including Lynx Lake Trail 311 and Johns Tank Trail 94 will remain closed until further notice.

As temperatures rise, more people take advantage of the recreation opportunities on the Forest. The warmer weather also increases the risk for wildfires, and requires that you take precautions while recreating. Please be vigilant in your activities. Stop, look, and think before you do something that may cause a spark or start of a fire in the Forest. We all have a role to play in preventing human-caused wildfires; a little extra care takes only a few minutes of your time and could prevent a wildfire.

The public can obtain additional fire information via the following:
Prescott NF Forest Website:
Twitter: @PrescottNF
Bradshaw Ranger District: (928) 443-8000
Prescott NF Fire Information (928) 925-1111

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