The sun was shining on Saturday. There were piles of snow everywhere, but with the sun out, the world seemed to have hope again.

I took my first drive into Walker.

The asphalt was pretty cleaned up, but the dirt roads were an adventure.

I made it to my own plow truck, pictured below, and spent a couple hours plowing the road from where the county plows left off, down to our house.

Below are photos from the drive.

I have a sign at the corner of Big Big and Walker Road. You can almost see it in the photo below.

Then there are a few of the fire station.

Walker Road past the fire station was clear, then there’s the Pink Car with more snow than I’ve ever seen.

Where Walker Road turned to dirt, it got a little dicey. They graded the road, but there was still a lot of snow and ice.

I went up Sheldon where I ran into an incident. A vehicle had slid off the road, or had driven off a side road, and another vehicle was using a winch to pull them back up.

That was fun to watch because it wasn’t me that was stuck, but it sure did bring back some bad memories.

I drove up Walker Road past the mailboxes. I came upon a sheriff parked near a stuck, white, pick up. He said that the truck had broken down on Thursday evening, at the height of the storm, and wouldn’t run. They called for Search and Rescue to come out and get the driver out and back to safety. He said that the driver would have froze to death if they hadn’t gotten them out.

The sheriff was waiting for a town truck to come remove the pick up from Walker Road. It was possible to drive around, but it was difficult.

The county graders were out in force and taking care of the roads for us. Again, a great job by them.

When I got near our cabin, I took a photo of my wife’s truck, my plow truck, and the road in and out with 4 feet of snow piled up on each side.

It was an adventure.