This week, Christmas had an impact on our trash collection service.

It wasn’t collected and the dumpsters are overflowing. As of right now, on Saturday morning, they still haven’t been emptied. See email below.

I’m sure they will be soon.

Update from Bill:

We’ve made a trip to the dump with the garbage that was on the ground. I’ve parked my white dump trailer across from the dumpsters. Please use the trailer if you have to leave your garbage before Best Pick shows up. I’ll try to watch and empty the trailer if it gets full.

Thanks, Bill, for taking care of us during the holidays.

That serves as a reminder that the annual service is due. The lock combos change on Jan. 31, but your payment is technically due on Jan. 1.

Here’s the information from the trash collection web site.


The Walker Trash Collection Service, LLC is chartered to offer trash collection service to the residents in the Walker/Potato Patch area.

The period of the subscription runs January 1 to December 31. It’s time to renew for 2019.

The agreement can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Please read, sign and return the Agreement, along with the $180.00 fee, to

Walker Trash Collection Service, LLC
P.O. Box 10174
Prescott, AZ 86304

We will return the countersigned agreement to you along with the combination for the locks. If you provide your email address we will communicate with you through that system.

Remember this service is offered for personal household garbage and trash only. Please no commercial, construction or hazardous waste.

The LLC is administered by Bill Loughrige with assistance from

(928) 778-2566

(928) 445-7489

(480) 223-8034

And the email about the dumpsters:

Wishing you Happy New Year. (Snow in the forecast 4 days late but snow is
welcome any time)

On an unfortunate note:

Best Pick has informed me they did not empty the dumpsters on Monday as
they normally do. This was because of the Holiday. They did not warn us.
As a result the bins are over flowing again.

They will empty them on Friday 12/28/18.

They report they will do the same next week for the New Year’s Holiday.
I have asked them to add a Wednesday service to avoid more garage being
left on the ground.

Please consider this when you take your garbage down to the bins this

Also an updated user agreement has been posted to the website:


Please follow the instructions about not using the bins for construction
debris and/or allowing contractor access to the code.

Bill Loughrige