Deer hunting season in the Walker area this year is from Oct. 26 to Nov.4th.

According to the map on page 74 of this year’s hunting regulations book, Walker is in area 20A.

The same book calls out the dates for our area on page 35, where it says that hunter are subject to note 31 and 42.

Note 31 one says no hunting on private property. Note 42 defines a large area, that Walker is inside of, where hunting is prohibited within a quarter mile of a residence.

It doesn’t look to me like you even need to put up signs for it to be prohibited. Of course, I’m not a lawyer.

From a practical point of view, it doesn’t hurt to put up “no hunting” signs or “private property” signs. They are available at most hardware stores.

Note 31 is on page 41.

Areas of private property within municipal boundaries are closed to deer hunting during this hunt.

Note 42 is on page 42.

Within the following described area, those portions of Unit 20A within ¼ mile of an occupied residence or building are closed to deer hunting during this season: beginning at the eastern junction of Hwy 69 and Central Ave in Mayer; west on Central Ave to Miami St; south on Miami St to Main St; west on Main St to First St; south on First St to Fair Mist Ave; east on Fair Mist Ave to Jefferson St; south-west on Jefferson St which becomes Goodwin Rd (County Rd 177); continue south and west on Goodwin Rd (County Rd 177) to Senator Hwy (FR 52); north and west on Senator Hwy (FR 52) to Wolf Creek Rd; west on Wolf Creek to Indian Creek Rd; north on Indian Creek Rd to Hwy 89; south on Hwy 89 to the Copper Creek Rd (FR 53); north on FR 53 to Copper Basin Rd; west on Copper Basin Rd to Iron Springs Rd (County Rd 10); north and east on Iron Springs Rd to Miller Valley Rd; south on Miller Valley Rd to Grove Ave; south on Grove Ave to Gurley St; east on Gurley St to AZ Hwy 69; east and south on AZ Hwy 69 to the eastern junction of AZ Hwy 69 and Central Ave in Mayer.

All of the hunting regulations are located on this page:

The PDF version of the regulations book are located here: 2018-19-AZ-Hunt-Regulations_WEB.pdf