Email from WCAA:

Saturday, September 8th is the annual meeting. The meeting will begin at 5:00pm at the Full Swing Sports Center, 2555 N. Crownpointe Drive in Prescott Valley. Please plan on arriving a bit before,4:45, so we can start promptly at 5:00.

Okay, here’s what’s happening:
· Pot luck gathering. Please label your serving piece and your serving utensil.
o You must bring a serving utensil – there won’t be any extras
· Water, ice and glasses will be provided.
o If you want lemonade, soda, etc., please bring it with you
o You may purchase soda at Full Swing
· There will be competitive games with prizes
o Air hockey, four way (two teams of two players) and basketball
o Participation will be limited so if you want to play, sign-up early
o Initial game tokens will be given to members
· You may purchase additional tokens at Full Swing.
o $20 = 52 tokens, $10 = 25 tokens and $5 = 12 tokens.
· You are free to use all the equipment at Full Swing after the meeting

Here’s the evening’s overview:
· Meeting starts at 5:00pm
· Recap of past year
· Overview of 2019
· Election of officers and board of directors
· Adjourn for pot-luck and games
· Announcement of 2018-2020 Officers and Board Members
· Awarding of door prize
· Awarding of competitive game prizes
· Adjournment

See you Saturday for a fun WCAA time!