Reminder: Start Date July 1, 2023 at the Walker Fire Parking Lot

Chip & Haul service is offered to property owners in Walker and associated subdivisions.

The purpose is to provide Walker property owners a convenient location to deposit forest wildfire fuel for processing and removal.

This is a s free service provided by Walker Community Action Alliance (WCAA) and Walker Fire Department (WFPA) for Walker property owners only. REMEMBER – If it did not grow in Walker, do not bring it to the Walker Chip & Haul.

You may bring your forest slash any time up until grinding (chipping) operations begin on approximately August 21, 2023.

Once grinding operations begin, for your safety, only enter the parking lot before grinding operations begin in mornings, after hours or on weekends. ACCESS TO THE DUMPSTERS WILL BE RESTRICTED AND THEY WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE WHILE EQUIPMENT IS IN OPERATION, so plan to bring your trash for the dumpsters accordingly.

Certain restrictions apply:
1. It must be forest vegetation.
2. Root balls will be rejected due to size and the probability of embedded rocks.
3. All building materials are prohibited.
4. All trash is prohibited.
5. No plastic bags. All bags must be emptied onto the slash pile.

1. Track your time, travel and expenses and use the time sheet provided.
2. Timesheets available at the sign-up table or downloaded here:
3. One time sheet per parcel.
4. Report round trip mileage.
5. Multiple dates can be recorded on each time sheet.
6. Deposit completed timesheets into the black mailbox at the sign-up table or email to

For additional information about Walker Chip & Haul, visit the FAQ located here: (

To contact Walker Firewise,
602-370-8020 (cell)
928-445-0590 (fax)