Here’s the update from Johnny about this year’s Walker Day.

Looks like it’s only going to be a yard sale.


We are getting on this a little late, but we are planning to have some kind
of Walker Day fundraiser on June 16th. I only had a couple people offer to
help in any way with Walker Day, so we will have to do a smaller version
than last year.

The BIG yard sale is a must, so please start saving your donations. We will
start accepting them after May 1st and store them in the original station
building behind the new station. Please try to drop them off on any
Saturday morning between May 1st and June 16th so we can get them inside
for safe storage. This is important as people love to “pre-shop” from the
incoming donation pile (especially overnight). I’m amazed how much stuff
“walks-off” Please contact me directly If you have a large amount to
donate, but can’t make a Saturday am drop-off.

Everything needs to be sorted and we have to dump the junk. This takes a
Ginormous amount of effort, so Please, PLEASE DO NOT drop off the following

Beds, mattresses or box springs, (frames are OK) Couches or love seats,
(they won’t sell and we don’t have room to store them) Televisions or large
microwaves, (even if it works fine…it won’t sell) Dirty items, (clothing,
pet hair covered rugs, etc…) Broken stuff like that cool old table that’s
only missing one leg, (please test all electronics) Large, non-working
appliances, (Please test, I know it worked 15 years ago when you bought the
new one). If you can’t test it, don’t donate it.

Larger items like an out door furniture set should be dropped of on June
15th or 16th. Again, there is no place to store them and if they are nice,
they might disappear.

Thanks much!

Johnny O