As everyone probably knows we have had an usually warm and dry winter which
creates visibility for an early start to a very long fire season. There
have already been fires in the southern part of the state. Roughly 90% of
fires are human caused whether that is intentionally or unintentionally
which means that our safety relies extensively on our behavior.

Usually in May, the county issues restrictions the prohibit fires which
means no burn piles, no warming fires, no smoking outside and no work
outside that generates sparks. In case it is not clear this includes
private property. This year there is a very good chance that burn
restrictions will start earlier than May. We are all stakeholders in this,
the way we succeed in preventing fires is by working together to not only
watch our own behaviors but also by talking to our neighbors and talking to
visitors. If you rent out your cabin, please take extra time to explain the
dangers to your renters.

In the next couple of months, the fire department will be getting signs to
put up around the community that will alert both residents and visitors
when the FIRE BAN is in effect.
As was the case last summer during the Goodwin Fire, your best source for
reliable and current information during an incident is the department’s
Facebook page

Thank you,
Roger Nusbaum
Fire Chief
Walker Fire Protection Association