We got an email from the Walker Fire Dept. this morning.

Usually at this time of year we start to hear about expectations for the upcoming fire season from the US Forest Service and for 2018, expectations are for a bad fire season.

The expectation for last year’s fire season was greater danger at elevations lower than Walker which is exactly how it played out, the Goodwin Fire started in lower elevations and threatened us.

This year, due to the La Nina effect of a warmer drier winter, which is what we have had, the expectation is for a bad fire season (repeated for emphasis).

The Forest Service has ceased winter burning operation due to seeing fire behavior that typically occurs in the summer not the winter.

They are planning to bring on their seasonal firefighters much earlier than normal.

Where 90% or more or fires are started by human factors the burden falls to us to be extremely careful with our activities, heed all burn restrictions and proactively talk to neighbors and visitors about the fire danger.

We would also encourage everyone to clean their property before fire season starts and then maintain their property during the fire season.

Fire season usually starts in May, but we would set the expectation that it will start much earlier this year.

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Thank you!