We got about 6 inches of snow last night night, Saturday, Jan. 20.

This morning was sunny and bright, but still cold. We had a low of 18 degrees at our house.

As I drove out this morning, about 11:00am, there were 2 vehicles behind me on Walker Road.

As we came up to the hill about a half mile past the mail boxes, the steep one, I saw two trucks slowly coming up the hill.

I know that’s a steep hill and if there’s any ice at all, it’s easy to get stuck.

We sat and watched as the first truck slowed and the tires started to spin. They stopped, then tried a couple more times.

After giving up, they backed slowly back down the hill.

There was a lot of traffic out there for the morning after a snow, but I guess it’s a weekend and people were going to play in the snow.

The roads will get better, but it’s still easy to slide off the road, so be careful.

We made it home just fine, but I was very. very careful.