From Walker Fire FB page:

From one of several emails we receive about the fire: The north side of the fire continues to be the primary area of focus for fire fighters.

Crews will be working across the top and on the north side of Big Bug Mesa to determine the best strategy for locating firelines.

Lots of progress has been made on the west, south and east sides of the fire as the fire is 25% contained.

Email from Roger at Walker Fire.

The last two days have been relatively good.

The events on Tuesday mid-day were historically bad in terms of erratic fire behavior.

Hopefully by now
anyone reading this has engaged with us on Facebook at We post multiple times a day and include pictures from the same view on top of Big Bug Mesa Road by the tall vertical rock.

Today we had a structure protection task force assigned to Walker consisting of various types of fire apparatus and a hand crew.

Unless something changes (which it could) they will be back tomorrow. Walker Fire assembled a mini task force that also did structure protection with four of our apparatus and nine of our firefighters and we will be out there again tomorrow in the same capacity unless something changes.

The Forest Service Public Information Officer has reported the fire to be 25% contained.

Relevant to the Walker area, the operation is working very hard to prevent it from going into Breezy Pine which would then lead to Big Bug Mesa Rd and Mt Union which would then lead to Potato Patch and Walker.

So far this has been working out well but can change at any time.

For now we have been given no information on when the evacuation will be lifted but we choose to be optimistic that it can be soon.

Thank you,
Roger Nusbaum