I am NOT the author of the petition. I posted this here just for awareness in the community. I can’t verify any of it’s claims.

A Foreign Owned Strip Mine Threatening 800 Forested acres just south of Prescott, AZ.

Our community, encompassing Walker, Potato Patch, Groom Creek, Hassayampa Lake, Whispering Pines and Misty Mountain among others is under threat. A strip mine owned by an affiliate of the Chinese Government (Gold Paradise Peak Inc) has begun operations in our residential neighborhood without ANY prior notice to the area residents. This operation plans to strip over 800 acres of forest and excavate the mountain side along Senator Hwy up to 900 feet deep, devastating this area for centuries to come. The impact is already visible on our property which lies adjacent to the mining operation. Trees have been destroyed without permission for road widening activities that disregard private property.

Read the entire article at: https://www.change.org/