We get email.

The short version is that WFPA is raising money to buy a new fire truck.

Go to their web site and donate now. https://walkerfire.org/

The WFPA Board of Directors has authorized a targeted fund-raising drive to
buy a Type 3 fire apparatus. Type 3’s capabilities offer a great mix of a
structure truck and wildland truck which is a great match for a community
like ours that is in the wildland urban interface (WUI).

For the last few years, the WFPA Board of Directors has been developing a
plan to replace our older equipment. For instance, we have a 1986 short
wheelbase 4WD type 6 truck. It’s still serviceable and is very agile for
some of our steep narrow roads. Also, our Type 1 (the structure truck
needed for our 8b insurance rating) is older. When the Type 1 needs repair
it is sometimes necessary to have parts custom made, which is expensive.

In 2021 the Board committed up to $200,000 to buy a serviceable used Type 3
fire truck. A Type 3 can be configured to serve as a structure apparatus
and is a stalwart as a wildland truck. Unfortunately, $200,000.00 was not
good enough to buy a truck that didn’t have more issues than what we
already have.

Now, we believe there is a $250,000.00 grant available for the purchase of
a new truck. The estimate for the truck stands at $493,000 but that figure
is likely to drift higher through the entire process.

This fund drive is to raise funds in the community to help pay for the
truck. This is a really a big fundraising attempt, $150,000.00. Using the
grant, the money raised in the fundraiser and hopefully no more than the
$200,000.00 earmarked from our treasury we will have a new truck by 2023.

The recent agonizing Crooks Fire has heightened awareness in the community
of the danger of a wildfire. The WFPA has been operating since 1967 and is
totally dependent on community donations. While we have a healthy bank
balance this kind of expense must be supported by exceptional support from
our community.

During the Crooks Fire, our personnel were not directly assigned on the
Fireline. Our Volunteers spent long days doing structure protection in the
path of the fire. 10 to 15 of our FF’s were engaged each day clearing
debris, combustibles under houses, and raking needles away from structures.
They limbed trees and cleared out ladder fuels (Leaning trees that can
allow a fire to “ladder” its way into the crown) and doing what was
necessary for structure protection in our community. We had 10-15
firefighters every day. We had staff focused on being good hosts to the
outside crews staging at our station house. These guys were tired.

The good news from this fire is that we have more of a protective burn scar
to the south also a dozer line was cut in from Walker Rd at Pristine Pines
near mile marker 10 all the way through to Big Bug. Some preemptive line
construction was also done out in front of the fire where it never reached
and up on the Spruce Mountain ridge line.

The Potato Patch and other smaller areas south of Walker stand to be huge
beneficiaries of the department getting this new truck. Once the new truck
arrives, we would be retiring Brush 83 and replacing it with Brush 85 which
is a much newer truck, holds more equipment, holds more water and pumps far
more gallons per minute, greatly improving the service immediately

We appreciate the offers of support for the Walker Fire Department we have
had from you, the Community. One member who wishes to remain anonymous has
offered to match $10,000.00 donated to the WFPA as well as donating
$10,000.00 their selves. No wonder we have been so successful all these
years with a community like ours.

There is a link at walkerfire.org for this targeted fund-raising effort.
Checks can be mailed to the WFPA P.O. Box 10174 Prescott, AZ 86304

Thank you for your continued support!

Bill Loughrige