From WFPA:

Hey Folks,

We are already starting to get some nice donations from the community for the upcoming Walker Day. Thank you to those of you who have kindly donated items!

If you have items you would like to drop off this weekend we ask that you DO NOT drop off big items that typically do not sell such as couches, box springs, mattresses etc. Please drop off your donations outside the small building on the back side of the fire station. I will be taking the items you drop off and putting them into the building Sunday late afternoon.

There are a few things we are going to need some help with on Walker day. The first is we are looking for a band. I know there are some amazing musicians in our area. The second is we need about 10 or so cakes made for the Cakewalk, so if you like to bake this really helps. If any of you would like to fill this request, please send me a message.

Clyde McKay