Official word from Walker Fire:

We are now several weeks into this event but we want the community to know that Walker Fire is still open for business to respond to emergencies. If you need the fire department, it is crucial that you inform the 911 operator if you have any flu like symptoms. We will still come but we have masks that should protect us from catching any sort of illness.

By now we all know to wash our hands regularly, avoid touching our faces and practice social distancing. We would also add that getting a little bit of exercise and prudent exposure to the sun can also help bolster immune systems. We’ve also heard repeatedly that any precautions might not be for ourselves if we are low risk but for other family members or neighbors who might be at higher risk of having problems if they contract the virus.

In Walker, we know about social distancing from when we have big snowstorms. Speaking of which,’s forecast as of early Tuesday
shows 5-8 inches during the day on Wednesday and another 3-5 inches Wednesday night. Please make sure any part of your driveway or road that you’re responsible for maintaining, gets plowed or otherwise cleared of snow in case we need to get to you in an emergency. We’ll get out of our truck and walk if we have to but it would probably take a while to march through a foot of snow, carrying medical equipment.

Thank you, be smart, stay safe and remember that this will end. We may not know when it will end but it will end.

Roger Nusbaum
Fire Chief