We got our first snow in Walker last night, on Nov. 20, 2019.

After a day of rain and wind, the snow finally got here.

It looks like only an inch or less. It’s snowing intermittently during the day today, and it should clear up and be partly sunny tomorrow.

It should all be melted by tomorrow.

Update: Between 2:00pm and 4:30pm or so, another 3 inches of snow fell. See photo below.

There are 6 inches, or so, of snow forecast for next week, over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Walker Fire sent out an email asking everyone to be careful and stay safe.

The Fire Department wanted to remind everyone that snowy roads become very treacherous, more so than you’d expect. Last year we responded to two vehicle accidents at the same tree on Walker Rd, less than two hours apart.

Please drive very slowly.

Also please plow any sections of road near you that the county does not maintain and work with your neighbors to spread the lava cinders in your area that the county has left for us behind the firehouse.

The Fire Department will obviously attempt to respond to all calls but we too need to get down to the station safely and then make our way to you. Getting to you becomes much more difficult if there is a lot of unplowed snow on your road or driveway.

Thank you and please stay safe.

First Snow of Winter 2019-2020

First Snow of Winter 2019-2020