Email from WFPA:

Hey Folks,

We are just around the corner from our annual fire fighter appreciation day/pig roast. This years date is Sunday, September 1 from 4-6pm.

Here’s a great way to thank your hard working volunteer fire fighters, past and present, while packing in a year supply of cholesterol.

The WFPA will smoke the pig, simmer some beans, offer light refreshments and a few big cakes. The rest is up to you…pot luck style.

Please bring one of grandma’s favorite recipes as a side dish. We
historically have run out of side dishes before the line runs through.

This year I would like to suggest bringing side dishes only…NO DESSERTS
PLEASE. The WFPA can order a few large cakes to satisfy those sweet teeth.

This is one of our best attended celebrations of the year, and it happens
fast, so show up on time and make the most of it.

Last year, we had over 250 people show up to offer their thanks. We will have music, a short program and lots of HOT, FRESH Walker merchandise available.

Seating can be limited, so please feel free to bring your own chair and even a pop-up
canopy if you want to sit in the park area.

Thanks for another year of awesome, community support!
Hope to see you all there!

Johnny O
Fundraising Chairman
Questions? Please contact me at