Johnny needs some help on Walker Day.

Hey folks,

Walker Day is looking great. I believe we have secured a spot in the Prescott Courier news paper. That, coupled with nice weather, means a BIG turnout.

It will be “all hands on deck”. I will need extra hands to direct parking, flip/turn burgers/dogs, shuttle people to and from distant parking spaces, help park classic cars, take tickets…an a dozen other things that WILL come up. Please let me know if you plan to help…or just show up on Saturday, (yes…Walker Day), around 11am and find me.

The yard sale set-up starts Thursday, (yes…tomorrow), at 3pm.

By 7, it should be fairly well in place for Friday 9am buying traffic.

Please come on down and lend a hand. A couple dozen hands is quicker…and much more fun. Just pick an area that you like, (clothing, tools, unidentifiable plastic objects), and make it look appealing. You’ll meet some new neighbors that might not be new at all.

You’ll see.

Parking is always an issue. Let’s try to reserve the primo spots for our guests. Please carpool to the station if possible. Please park you cars in the Hummingbird Hill lot, (1/4 mile north). I’m sure a shuttle driver can bring you back if necessary. Quads can park across the street and slightly to the north, (not directly across as emergency vehicles will bet there), and to the south of the dumpsters adjacent the parking lot where we have
just flattened the area.

Feel free to drop off donations tomorrow between 2 and 6, Friday am and even Saturday am if that is your only option.

Hope to see you all over the next few days.

Johnny O