The WFPA’s PANCAKE BREAKFAST is back in full force this Saturday, April 27th at the Walker Fire Station 8:00 am to 10:00 am !!!! Remember what fun these Pancake Breakfasts really are!!!

Not Only Pancakes & Warm Syrup But also Bacon, Sausage, Strawberries (if Costco has them), Coffee, Tea, Chocolate Milk, Milk and Juices, Pastries, and Ice Cream (would you believe it, a big favorite!!!) But wait, there’s more!!!! Everyone gets a ticket for a chance to win a prize. Every Kid gets a Prize!!!!

There is no charge for the breakfast. It’s a free will offering and we get pocket change from 9 year olds, $100.00 bills and everything in between. It all counts to help provide the Firefighters with what they need to protect us.

New neighbors can meet us old timers and the old timers can reacquaint themselves after a pretty hard winter. Commiserate about frozen pipes and such. But get ready for Summer!!!!

While you are enjoying breakfast with your friends in Walker why not stop by the merchandise table. We have an assortment of Walker apparel and misc. promotional items. This season we have added a few new items to include Walker raincoats, iPad covers, and aprons. We also modified the main WFPA design so even if you have purchased items in the past, it’s worth taking a second look! Reminder: If you can’t make it to the pancake breakfast you can still purchase merchandise, just log into and click on the merchandise link to see the items offered.

Email your requests to or call or text Karen at (623) 521-2092. All proceeds benefit the WFPA.

As always we’re in need of volunteers to help put these events on. If you have some interest in helping, please come and lend a hand. Look forward to seeing everyone there this Saturday!!!!!