WFPA sent this email.

Walker Firewise has received a $500.00 grant from The National Fire Protection Association, in association with State Farm Insurance. This grant is designed for public education to improve the wildfire awareness and safety of our homes and community.

As a result there will be a “Communities Firewise Preparedness Day – 2019” Saturday, May 4th from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. at the Fire Station.

There is a more detailed Email from Loren Bykerk announcing this event (coming after this email). Our Fire Fighters will be there and you will have a opportunity to see the equipment and learn more about their function.

This is coming at the right time.

We had a dumpster fire over the weekend. This was the result of someone putting hot ashes in one of the dumpsters.

This is an education issue. No one does this intentionally to set a fire.

In years past the homes (basically cabins balanced on rocks and logs) were built with claw hammers and hand saws. There was no power and we all were aware we were in a primitive area with no services to support us.

Now we have beautiful homes, indoor plumbing, power and Walker Road is paved.

But, we are still primitive. Dirt roads not maintained by the County.

Some are impassable in bad weather. We are in a forest that has burned before. It’s critical we be aware of the fire danger and learn all we can how to prevent them.

The Firewise program under Loren is an important function and the event on May 4th is a good opportunity to not only learn more but to meet neighbors.

We’re going to cook hamburgers and I imagine hotdogs as well. I’m encouraging you to bring some sort of desert. There will be bottled water but no soda pop (an old description I know but then I am old).

Please come and participate.

Bill Loughrige