We got an email from the WFPA:

Residents of the Community,

We are experiencing an increase in vehicles being parked at the Fire Station without prior approval. The space there is for WFPA use only. In the event emergencies these vehicles hinder operations.

Our Fire Station is an extremely important asset to the community. The Fire Fighters that voluntarily serve WFPA need immediate access to the Fire Station as first responders, the water supply to fill the equipment and parking for their personal vehicles for response to emergency calls.

The Fire Station area along with the area for the dumpsters is a No Parking Area.

Signs are posted throughout the area. That means no parking is allowed at any time without prior approval of the Fire Chief.

We are experiencing a continued issue of residents, their guests and others using this area for personal parking. Vehicles parking in these areas are causing issues for our first responders and the fire station in general.

All vehicles parking in these No Parking areas will be towed at the owners expense.

We ask that you be respectful of our Fire Station and the needs of the First Responders. Please do not park there or advise your friends/family to park there as vehicles will be towed.

Thank you for assistance with this matter.

Bill Loughrige