We get email from Bill Loughrige, President


What a wonderful turnout for the Pancake Breakfast last Saturday! Over 200
of you came to enjoy the fare. While the cooks struggled to keep up with
the regular mundane pancakes, bacon and sausage the less traditional
breakfasts were also gone. Things like the smoked salmon was gone in the
first few minutes. One of the jars of pickled Herring also the Bagels and
Cream Cheese disappeared fast. (For you Continental Types) Next month
we’ll be prepared.

We went through 3 flats of strawberries, 2 gallons of milk (and nearly 2 of
chocolate milk), most of the juice, 1 gallon of Ice Cream , 3 cans of
whipped cream and all the baked goods.

You generously put in over $1600.00 in the donation jar.

Next month were planning another surprise goodie!! Come see what it is.
As a hint it’s a more traditional breakfast plate cardiologists hate.
(Not eggs yet)

These Breakfasts are a great time to meet your neighbors. It’s amazing
the connections you can find. For instance one of the regulars works for
the same company and in the same building in central Phoenix as my
daughter. They met each other in Walker. My Son-In-Law has known another
Walkerite for over 30 years from when they worked together long ago.

The Kids are wonderful. They seem to enjoy the smorgasbord style more than
the adults. Probably has something to do with ice cream for breakfast.

The crew enjoys putting this event on. Each month it seems we add a new
face to the group. If you’re interested come on down. We start setting
up at 6:30 and there’s always something to do to and/or clean up.