Here’s Johnny O’s wrap up email below.

Because he won’t say anything about himself, I want to say, as a sponsor this year, I got to see behind the scenes. I saw Johnny resolve problems, technical, logistical, and emotional, through out the entire process.

He did it all with humor, grace, and dignity.

While he could work for the circus with all of the juggling he did, I’m glad he’s supporting the fire department because he was putting out fires all day long.

This is a HUGE thank you to Johnny O.

Please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts about Johnny.

And now, heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!

WOW! Wasn’t that a party!

I would say that was the most successful WD ever.

To our visitors, It looked like a well organized, fun event. Behind the scenes…well, you know. We are all a bit stretched, but we lived to talk about it and are glad it’s over.

The numbers are still coming in, but I’m going to guess we’ll come in at around $10K after expenses. This is triple the “return of WD” of five years ago. I’m starting to get it.

We will post pictures on the site in the next week or so. Please send me any particularly nice ones that you took.

I want to thank all of the 50+ volunteers that stepped in along the way to help make this such a successful year. It’s dangerous to thank people individually as someone always get left out. Let me just say, there are always a few hero’s that step up and work tirelessly until the job is done. I’m very happy to say that there were many new players this year, and with strong backs, (thank God!).

I can safely thank our sponsors. Gene Tomek has sponsored the food for Walker Day for a decade or two. As costs have increased, Conrad and Victoria Walton have stepped in to cover the other 1/2. Nick Wold and his wife Jill Anderson, (again), covered the beverages. The Walker Community Church, (again), supplied the water, yes…”the water of life”. Thanks to the entire community for all the donation to the yard sale. We received some awesome stuff, including a pop-up trailer that sold for $1000 in our silent auction. Also, I received over 30, home made cakes! Thanks to all my bakers.

Our Walker Pride was in full bloom. I feel blessed to be a part of this unique, vibrant community.

Our next BIG event is the annual fire fighter appreciation day/pig roast on Sunday, September 3rd.

See you there!

Johnny O