Johnny is looking for some help with Walker Day, plus this is an opportunity to get rid of some junk you have laying around, I mean, an opportunity to donate some valuable items to support our fire department.

Hey folks, just over 3 more weeks until the next Walker Day, Saturday, June 17th.

I’m really in need of your donations for the yard sale. About 1/3 of the Walker Day proceeds come from our yard sale. I have had very, very few items come in so far. Please dig deep. We can sell almost anything that still has some life left in it. I have tax receipts available. Please mention this to anyone you know selling their house or cabin as we can usually get a truckload or two from those folks. I would usually have 1/2 the building filled by this time, instead of 1/3rd. Please bring you donations this weekend as you are probably planning to attend the annual meeting.

I am still looking for someone to run the silent auction and 50/50 drawing on Walker Day. These don’t require too much time. Probably just a few hours each, but I really need a go to person.

About 1/2 of the artist spaces are sold, but there are still 10 to go. If you know someone that would like to sell some art, please have them contact me. It’s only $25 for a 10X10 space. Last year, everyone sold some of their art.

Last…for now…CAKES!. I had over 20 cakes last year and we ran out! There were sooooo many visitors last year, over 500 for sure. EVERYONE LOVES the cake walk. Please let me know if you plan to make a cake or two…or more.

There are many more hands needed. Please contact me if you can help before, during or after the event.


Johnny O