I got this email from WFPA:

Just catching up on a few topics as we approach the summer season.

As we move into summer the WFPA Community Events amp up. Pancake Breakfasts start in April, Bingo in May, the Annual Meeting is getting
closer and other events are added this year. Watch the Calendar at Walkerfire.org and for these emails.

Business is humming along for the WFPA. You can see the details in the minutes and listen in to the meeting recordings on the WFPA web site Walkerfire.org.

While we do not have major expense items to deal with, we expect to have to replace the roof on the firehouse in the next few years. Donations are down a bit from what we budgeted, but so are the expenses. Not a major concern, but we depend on the community, so any downturn has an effect.

It’s not only money, but involvement by the Members that make us successful. There are three Board positions up for election this year.
The three incumbents have indicated they are going to run again, but if there is anyone interested in throwing their hat into the race, they are more than welcome.

The Board is not a major drain on our time, but we live in complex times. Gone are the days of neighbors answering fire calls in shorts and flip flops. Our Firefighters undergo vigorous physical screening each year and intense training. There are business related items that need to be addressed that keep us current and part of the area’s Fire Fighting community.

There are other ways to help than money donations too. We can always use another hand or two at the Pancake Breakfasts, Bingo, Walker Day, Kids Day, The Fire Fighter Appreciation Pig Roast and this year our 50th Anniversary Celebration over the Labor Day Weekend.

I know we go to Walker to relax and get away from the rat race. But, our WFPA only thrives as a community association because of your participation. I hope you can find that participating will be relaxing. It’s important for sure.

If you have an idea for us to add to our social events, please let us know.

We have had an offer by a neighbor to host a Face Book Page for the WFPA. This will be a place for lost and found dogs, personal notices as well as additional communications about the WFPA activities. More to come on this as we put it together.

Don’t forget to pass the word to new neighbors to use the website Walkerfire.org and to sign up for these emails.

Bill Loughrige