Email I got from WFPA:

2017 is the 50th Anniversary of the Walker Fire Protection Association. We
were incorporated September 11, 1967.

There will be a celebration held Labor Day Weekend at the Fire Station.
The theme will be the History of the WFPA.

With that in mind we are posting the original Incorporation documents on
the History page of the web site

We are also looking for any information on the original incorporators
listed below. If you know anything about the families of these people and
where they might be now, please let me know. My email address is My phone number is (480) 223-8034.

I don’t need much information to track them down, but there’s not much
in the computers from 1967. Anything will be helpful, names of children
where they moved to, if you know.

John A Koenig
Albert H Powell (Al Powell)
Mae Russell
Thomas E Russell (Tom-He operated a small store on what is now Hummingbird
Vere Driscall
Louise Gribbon
Ralph Norlander
Robert J Potter (I got this guy covered)
C. Welshenbaugh (Welshey)

Also if you have old pictures or property documents and the old location
system used by the WFD let me know.

Thank You

Bill Loughrige