PRESCOTT, AZ – April 16, 2021— The Prescott National Forest wants to remind our visitors about the importance of campfire safety and your part in preventing human-caused wildland fires. Warmer temperatures and spring winds are increasing fire danger across Arizona.

Please be vigilant of the high winds and rising temperatures and avoid using anything with an open flame or a spark. #OneLessSpark

If mowing grass down, use a string-style trimmer rather than a lawn mower as the blades can strike rock and produce a spark.

Make sure that your chain saw has a spark arrestor and if welding avoid hot dry and windy days.

Maintain vehicle brakes, check that your trailer chains are not dragging and that all cigarettes are extinguished in an ashtray.

Did you know that that shooting of tracer rounds or exploding targets are prohibited on federally managed public land in Arizona? Place your targets on dirt or gravel; and shoot in areas free of dry vegetation and avoid windy days. Before you leave, inspect your target areas for signs of burning embers/grass.

Always be prepared – have extra water on hand, a shovel and fire extinguisher.

Campfire safety tips are:

Bring a small shovel, rake, and buckets of water to drown that fire.

Don’t start your fire in tall grass – make sure there is bare ground, or a pre-established fire pit.

Don’t start underneath overhanging trees or brush.

Don’t start your campfire on a windy day or during a RED FLAG WARNING day.

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