No trash for targets starting today!

No shooting at all until next week.

Contact(s): Debbie Maneely: 928-777-2212

Prescott, AZ, July 23, 2020 – Attention target shooters! The Prescott National Forest will implement restrictions on target types effective July 24, 2020, in an effort to reduce the amount of refuse and trash being left on the Forest from target shooting. Forest Order #03-09-00-20-266

Only the following types of approved targets will be allowed during target shooting on the Prescott National Forest:

• Cardboard, and/or cardboard targets with reusable frames (excluding wooden pallets), which are removed from the site after shooting
• Paper and/or paper targets with reusable frames (excluding wooden pallets), which are removed from the site after shooting
• Reactive targets designed to move or bounce along the ground when hit, are made of non-metallic materials, and removed from the site after shooting
• Self-healing targets, which are removed from the site after shooting
• Metal targets specifically made for firearms. These targets are designed to swing, spin or knock down when struck and are removed from the site after shooting
• Biodegradable clay targets (clay pigeons)

This restriction does not impact where you can shoot. We want to keep areas open for target shooting, but we ask target shooters to remove their targets and trash, including spent shell casings. This benefits the Forest by protecting its resources and also fosters a positive image toward target shooting.

“We want to encourage responsible target shooting behaviors; which include cleaning up your own trash,” Dale Deiter, Forest Supervisor, Prescott National Forest. “There has been a growing increase in trash left behind on the Forest in areas popular with recreational target shooters which create major safety and resource concerns. Public lands are for everyone to enjoy and to recreate responsibly.”

REMINDER – Temporary Recreational Shooting Restriction in Effect Until July 31, 2020

Beginning May 6, 2020 at 5:00 pm and until July 31, 2020 or until rescinded, recreational shooting is prohibited in the Coronado, Prescott, and Tonto National Forests due to current conditions. These forests are experiencing an increase in drying trends of extreme grass fuel loads resulting from above average winter moisture. When you factor in the current pandemic, the assembly of wildland firefighters engaging in suppression efforts becomes a public health concern. Under this restriction, discharging of a firearm air, rifle, or gas gun, except while engaged in a lawful hunt, is prohibited on the listed national forests.

Read the Target Restriction Order on the Prescott National Forest website at:

Visitors can obtain additional information by visiting the Prescott National Forest Website: ; by following us on Facebook or Twitter; or by calling one of our District Offices:

• Supervisor’s Office 928-777-2200
• Bradshaw/Chino Valley Ranger District 928-443-8000
• Verde Ranger District 928-567-4121

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